Privacy policy

General provision

Hereby presented rules of confidentiality apply at all times, except otherwise agreed upon or declared in a written contract between the user and Gabroni Kft.

Gabroni Kft. reserves the right to modify present regulations at any time, unilaterally and notify the users in a publication on Registered users will also be notified in email about possible alterations.

Personal data

Gabroni Kft. can secure personal data only during registration, modification of date or when the user signs up for the newsletter.  We collect these data to provide the highest quality services possible - this means faster and smoother administration of orders and that the user can be notified about products of interest and promotions in time.  These data allow us to track more easily the products bought by the user, questions arising at the time of purchase and also to read and find a prompt solution to any possible complaints.

We store personal data provided by the user electronically; they are used exclusively by Gabroni Kft. We treat this information as confidential and do not release it to any third party, unless obliged by law. We only release such information to members of the electronic commercial chain, which are necessary for us to dispatch the products ordered by the user as per set out in the order.

Bank card details

The process of purchasing and bank card payment transaction take place in two, completely separate systems.  The user registers, chooses the products and places the order on, whereas bank card transaction takes place on the authenticated secure website of the bank responsible for conducting the transaction. Gabroni Kft. may under no circumstances take cognizance of the user’s credit card data; likewise, the bank conducting the procedure does not receive from Gabroni Kft. the user’s personal data provided on

Browser info

You can check our website without having to provide personal information about you. However, the internet browser of the user checking our website records small text files (so called cookies) on the user's computer for smooth browsing. These data files may store the list of already chosen products, namely: the content of the basket. Storage of this background information depends on the settings of the site visitor’s internet browser. When you visit our website, our system collects only general information, which do not identify individual visitors. Based on this, we get statistics about the daily number of visitors, the most visited sites and the time spent on them. This way we can better recognize our visitor’s subject of interest so we can provide products and solutions that meet our visitor’s requirements.  Data collected this way cannot be connected to the user’s personal information, which would make identifying the user possible. Our system does not collect information relating to the user’s individual customs. We do not sell or let logbook data, customer data or personal information stored in our system; Gabroni Kft, as site operator, administers them only.


We place links to other websites on our website only to provide better service. We cannot be held responsible for the content and data-management system of these websites. Listing them does not necessarily mean we support their services or agree with their data-management solutions.

Revision of data

Our system does not store the data of non-registered users; the information they provide when placing an order is used exclusively to arrange dispatch.

In case of registered users, we store the information provided at registration and revision of data only. Our system does not keep the user’s pre-revision or deleted data.

The operator (Gabroni Kft.) cannot under any circumstances modify or delete user data. This applies to the data revision need of the user in the time-period between validation of order and the dispatching/delivery of the ordered product(s). In that case, only current dispatch, billing and other data requested for revision get modified; data provided by the user on the website do not!

Questions and comments

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our data-management solutions that remained unanswered after reading present Regulations, please, inform us in email!