Secure payment via credit/debit cards

Gabroni Kft. offers secure bankcard payment through CIB Bank.  Security is guaranteed by the separation of data.  Gabroni Kft. receives data exclusively about the order, whereas on the 128-bit SSL-secured payment page CIB Bank is provided only with the bankcard details required for the payment transaction. and its provider is not informed about the content of the payment page; only CIB Bank can access those.  The result of the transaction will be displayed on after paying.  In order to pay by bankcard, the customer’s Internet browser program must support the SSL-secure system.

CIB Bank’s online payment system supports the usage of Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, MaestroMasterCard, two members of the VISA product family, VISA and VISA Electron cards (usage of Electron cards is subject of approval of the issuer bank), and web cards suitable for online utilization.

In case of online bankcard payment, the price of the ordered products and the transport cost will be locked on the customer’s bank account at the time of ordering. Please, read the detailed instructions before ordering!

Basic requirements for safe online bankcard usage

Read the description about our web shop, our purchase, delivery and payment conditions!

Study the safety conditions of our website, which guarantees the safety of our customer’s personal data!

Keep all information about your purchase!

Keep the transaction information of your online bankcard payment (transaction ID and permit number)!

Make sure that unauthorised people have no access to your confidential card information!

Use a browser that supports the option necessary for SSL cryptography!

Safety of online bank card payment

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, an approved cryptography procedure.  CIB Bank,’s online bankcard payment module provider, has a 128-bit cryptography key, which protects the communicational channel during the bankcard payment.  A company called VeriSign makes it possible for CIB Bank to use the 128-bit key, which secures SSL-based cryptography.  Currently this cryptography method is utilized in 90% of the world’s electronic commerce.  The buyer’s browser program encrypts bank card data with the help of SSL, before sending it, so CIB Bank receives them in code – this way unauthorized people cannot understand them.

Steps of online bank card payment

  1. After choosing the products, delivery mode and billing address on, choose the ’online bank card payment’ option from the payment modules. 
  2. The page will then automatically direct you to CIB Bank’s safe payment website, where you have to provide all card data required for paying.  The amount to be paid will be directed to CIB Bank’s payment page from, therefore you do not have to provide it when paying and cannot modify it.
  3. You can start the transaction by clicking on the ’Payment’ button after providing your bank card details.
  4. After payment, you will be redirected back to, where you get a confirmation about the result of the transaction.

After a successful online bank card payment transaction – this means approval after having the validity of the bank card and the extent of cover checked – CIB Bank will debit the bank card owner’s account with the combined cost of the ordered products and the shipping rate.

In case you are not redirected back to from CIB Bank’s payment page, the transaction is considered unsuccessful.  If you click on the ’Vissza/Back’ or ’Frissítés/Refresh’ buttons on the bank’s payment page or close the browser page before being redirected back to, payment is considered unsuccessful. If you would like to know more about the result of the transaction, or – in case of an unsuccessful transaction – about the reasons and details of the failure, please, contact your bank!

For more information (faq) about the online card payments please click here.